Learn Why Your Next Green Home should be a from Legacy Timber Frame

Timber Framing is by definition green building. Wood is a renewable resource and very little machinery is required to transform timbers straight from the mill into a finished timber frame. At Legacy we hand-craft our timber frames and use octagonal oak pegs to join the timbers together—the same time honored building method used by skilled craftsmen for centuries.

Timber frame structures are designed to last many generations, where other forms of construction have a much shorter “life span”. This means it would take materials and resources for several new homes using other forms of construction to equal the life of a single timber frame home. With the addition of highly energy efficient SIP panels applied to the exterior of the frame, the result is lower energy costs for heating and cooling.

Both the timber frames and SIPs are recognized as “green” products and can add points to qualify projects for various Green Building Certifications.

Many Legacy timber frame homes have incorporated solar, wind or geothermal alternative energy sources—even several homes that are “off the grid”.