What types of mechanicals (heating, plumbing, electrical) are typically used in a timber frame home?

Heating: any system can be designed into the plans for your timber frame home—forced hot air, radiant, hot water baseboard, or some combination of these. The choice is dependent on your personal preference and your budget. A heat recovery ventilator system is a MUST in every Legacy timber frame home. This brings in fresh air, warms it up and then introduces it to the house. The system can be set to however many air changes a day are required based on your lifestyle. A knowledgeable heating contractor will have more information.

Plumbing: All plumbing is run through interior walls. This is worked out in design. We like to centralize plumbing with bathrooms stacked over each other when possible.

Electrical: There are many ways to run wiring in a timber frame structure. The installation method will depend on the type of enclosure system or whether the structure is free standing.

  • For a free standing frame like a pavilion or a gazebo, Legacy will rout a chase in the timbers for the wiring, and provide a wood “cover” that, when installed, will be flush with the side of the timbers. This will be done for any locations that are visible.
  • For SIP panel enclosures Legacy has a simple system of running the wiring in the SIP panels for the exterior walls. Legacy works with your electrician on site while the panels are being installed.

Electrical installation for frames enclosed in 2×6 walls is the same as for a conventionally framed home.

To wire the interior of a home, the majority of the wiring is run through the interior partitions. For any ceiling fixtures, Legacy can provide additional non-structural timbers for hanging ceiling fixtures.