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Why Legacy?

There are many reasons why Legacy is your best choice:

Custom Design

We listen and we care. We offer all the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to transform your most cherished vision into a functional—and wonderfully livable—reality.


We’ve been creating Legacys for over two decades. Our team of qualified, experienced craftsmen will ensure the highest standards of quality in a living space that celebrates and extends the traditions of meticulous hand-building.

Creative Options and Precision Details

Your custom frame will be custom-tailored to meet your personal needs.

Quality, Integrity, and Reliability

Each frame we create is crafted with pride and precision.


We are always available to share our expertise as your project develops.

“Why build a house…when you can create a Legacy?”

691 County Route 70 • Stillwater, New York 12170 • 518.279.9108 • Fax 518.581.9219 • Toll Free 888.826.6755


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